Why should I book with AMA, rather than any other company?

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What kind of riders typically travel with AMA?

Our guests are keen motorcyclists who enjoy touring by motorcycle, and who prefers attention to personalized service all through their tour. They are generally in their late 30’s to their late 60’s with some a bit younger and a few a bit older. The testimonials on our web site provide an excellent means to learn more about our customers.

How many Kilometers will we be riding per day?

It varies, depending on road conditions and attractions along our route. Many days include fewer than 200 km of riding, and it’s unusual for any day to exceed 500 km. If so, we will prepare you for it and road conditions will be suitable for long distance riding. Our trips are designed to provide a good mix of sightseeing and riding. The schedule provides time for a wholesome breakfast, a leisurely lunch, to reflect on the amazing sights and riding experienced of that morning,  and arrival at your accommodation in time for some local sightseeing and relaxation before dinner. We usually arrive at our destination by about 15h00 or 16h00 in the afternoon. Please note that dinner and breakfast will be sumptuous and most will not require much more than a snack and a soft drink during the day.

How much riding experience must I have to participate in one of your tours?

You must have a valid motorcycle operator’s license. If you’re comfortable averaging 200 km per day, with an occasional longer day, you should do fine on trips that are specified as 100% pavement. For trips where non-paved roads are specified, you should have off-road riding experience. If you are not use to off road riding it is advised that you do a local rider training course not long before your tour.

How many riders will be in a group?

Trips are limited to 08 motorcycles, plus the tour leaders. We experienced that customers prefer the more custom, intimate nature of a trip with fewer motorcycles. We will accommodate more riders if the trip is for a private group.  It also allows that Ferdie (tour leader and part owner) can  be with the whole group on one safari vehicle.

What is INCLUDED in the cost?

Cost includes all motorcycles rent, all meals, accommodation, South African beverages and fuel.  It also include stransfers between the airport and accommodation on your first and last nights.  It exclude flights.

What type of accommodation do you provide?

Accommodation varies from comfortable, owner run  3 to 5 star lodges, guest houses and B&B, depending on the type of accommodations available along our route. All accommodations will be clean, safe, and pleasant. The basic tour price includes a room per motorcycle.  If Your pillion want a room of their own, an extra charge will be made.

What will be for dinner?

Every guest house, lodge & B&B will put down a detailed, true south African menu where riders can experience local food and drink .We do not restrict our riders to limited choices like most of our competitors ,and we always include Local South African beverages with our meals, in order to have that TRUE South African experience.

Malaria Areas and Health Issues?

South Africa has no specific health issues related to diseases and immunizations are not required. We will be in a low-risk Malaria area (Mphumalanga, Low-veld Region) for a few days and you are free to make use of anti-malaria medication but it is not advised since some of these medications can impair your judgement. Mosquito repellents should be sufficient for personal comfort in the evenings. The times of the year we offer tours are between seasons and temperate, lowering risk of Malaria.

Are your motorbikes insured for damaged?

We provide damage liability insurance as required in each country. You are responsible for a deductible amount in the event of damage to the motorcycle, The deductible amount varies from $us1 500 to $us5,000

What is your rules and regulations that I should be aware of?

We only ask that you follow the laws of the country, and that you don’t conduct yourself in a manner that endangers other members of the group or road users. We also insist that you do not drink alcoholic beverages until after your motorcycle has been retired for the evening. Riding privileges will be suspended for anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a rider operates the bike after drinking any alcoholic beverage or using a mind-altering drug, the damage waiver signed by the rider is considered null and void and the rider incurs unlimited liability for damage to the motorcycle.

What must I bring along?

Documentation :

  • Passport (Valid for your trip check on visa requirements for your specific country, ensure your passport is current and in good order)
  • Visa The relevant visa as required for a visit to South Africa.
  • International motorcycle drivers license / permit (Riders must be over 25 yrs)
  • Personal accident cover, medical insurance / Medical aid documentation
  • Terms & Conditions / Indemnity Form. This form will be signed prior to commencement of the tour in South Africa.
  • View : Terms & Conditions / Indemnity Form


Clothing and Equipment:

  • Luggage: A Maximum of two standard suitcases per person and a small rucksack or money belt to carry your wallet and small items needed while riding.
  • Riding Kit: Helmets are mandatory in South Africa. Tinted visors are legal and can be worn. We choose to ride only during daylight. We suggest that you bring the same riding gear that you would use during a long trip at home: helmet, boots, gloves, and riding suit. You should also pack a rain suit if your riding suit isn’t waterproof.
  • Casual Wear: Most lodges & Guest Houses require closed shoes and long trousers to be worn to the evening meal, ties are not required and not advised, neat casual will be adequate.
  • Other Wear: Swim suits, beach towel, sandals, shorts, sun block will also be required.
What is your cancellation policies?

We will email you all the details for a cancellation.

Safety Issues!!!

South Africa, as with any country on the globe has it’s safety issues. Africa is often seen as a whole. Please remember Africa is a huge continent with both stable and unstable countries. South Africa is a stable democracy since 1994 with a first world infrastructure. Telecommunications, roads and accommodation are world class. Your host is South African born and bred and has over 20 years of Tourism experience. We have not as yet experienced any negative incidents or feedback from our clients. We specifically ask clients regarding safety and all have mentioned that they never felt threatened in any way on the tour. All our clients have mentioned that the local people of all races have always been warm, friendly and accommodating on our tours. South Africa is ‘The Jewel’ of Africa.

Taking Care!
  • As with all international travel across the globe we do advise the following common sense care approach:
  • Avoid flashing cash in public
  • Avoid ATM if unaccompanied
  • Avoid leaving valuables unattended (cameras, notebook PC’s, wallets, cell phones etc)
  • Avoid walking alone in isolated areas and after dark
  • Avoid riding after dark (unfamiliar roads etc)

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